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The Designer

I wanted to be a designer all my life. My mother was a tv personality who traveled the country in search of old Egyptian stories, traditional crafts, vernacular habits, authentic garments and most importantly the heroes who artfully crafted them. I decided to channel my art into putting these artisans back on the map. A student of Islamic/African history, I aim to recreate the concept of “ patrons of the art” , where clients again commission artisans to create relevant beautiful pieces. Only then will these crafts re-inherit their raison d’être and not be reduced to bazaar bought souvenirs for the occasional tourist.

Rasha El Gammal

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The Product

Luxury takes time and this brand is nostalgic. Rasha Pasha adopts a Middle Eastern traditional way of life. Remember when our mothers or grandmothers spent hours at the seamstress and more hours picking fabrics, buttons or trimmings? This was the labor of love.  Hence my fashion is all about custom making everything, hand embroidering everything. Good enough cakes come when one uses the mix. But great, unforgettable recipes are done from scratch. Each product is a chance to wear a piece of time and tradition but keep it edgy and urban.

The city is ready for more color and style!

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